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Accessing quality information

Created by Empowering Youth in Cambodia, but not limited to it, Build your Future is a place for students to explore academical and career opportunities based on quality information, more choices and less difficulty.

Regardless of academic performance, personal development is determining for a student to feel confident in their career choices and preferences. Personal development aims personal fulfillment, and is linked to various aspects of life. Build your Future focuses on two: maintaining physical and mental health, as well as ensuring harmonious relationships with the others.




a choice

Most of the time, students are only familiar with 4 to 5 jobs, and therefore limit their 'dream job' to those. Build your Future aims to present a wider perspective of career choices in order to push students to think outside the box. What if, instead of becoming a doctor, a seller, a teacher, you had the freedom to be a videographer, an architect, a scientist or a fashion designer?

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