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Sexual activity includes kissing, sexual touching and sexual intercourse (oral, anal, vaginal, hand sex). 

Consent is the foundation of a sexual relationship. 

Consent is freely given.

‘No’ always means ‘no’.

When there’s consent, both people feel safe and comfortable. 

Consent can be withdrawn at any time. Consent given in the past doesn’t apply to any activities that happen later.

Consent can’t be assumed or implied. Flirting, clothing, sexual texts or social media communication aren’t consent.

Communication that’s not clear or is confusing isn’t consent. Silence or not responding isn’t consent. Not physically resisting isn’t consent.

People who are drunk, high, sleeping or unconscious can’t give consent, either legally or practically. To have clear communication about consent, both people should be sober and alert.

Are you okay?


and you?

Sex without consent is sexual assault.

Consent is permission for something to happen or an agreement to do something. Consent requires respect and communication.


Consent includes knowing and respecting a person’s own boundaries as well as the boundaries of others.

Understanding consent means that a person has the skills to leave a situation that doesn’t feel comfortable, and respects when other people want to do the same.

You experienced a sexual activity that was not consented?

Report the assault

Find information

Call for help

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